Rebuilding Kingdom Economy eBook by Dr. Cecilia Jackson



The book, Rebuilding Kingdom Economy (The Marketplace Perspective), unfolds the call of Nehemiah, a true example of a Biblical Marketplace leader. He is a prototype of today’s marketplace leaders whose gifts, insights, and strategies were needed to lead one of the largest projects in Israel’s history, the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Marketplace leaders should be embraced and validated today as principal ambassadors in Kingdom ministry.


  • Chapter 1 - Rebuilding the Kingdom’s Economy (The Marketplace Perspective)
  • Chapter 2 - Nehemiah Prays
  • Chapter 3 - Nehemiah Requests to Go Home
  • Chapter 4 - Rebuilding the Sheep Gate and Fish Gate
  • Chapter 5 - Rebuilding the Old Gate and the Valley Gate
  • Chapter 6 - Rebuilding the Dung Gate and the Fountain Gate (Millennial’s View)
  • Chapter 7 - Rebuilding the Water Gate and the Horse Gate
  • Chapter 8 - Rebuilding the East Gate and Gate Miphkad
  • Chapter 9 - Opposition
  • Chapter 10 - The Finished Wall
  • Chapter 11 - The Blessing
  • Chapter 12 - Conclusion and Prayer


There is Much More Information in this eBook for Sure :) 

Rebuilding Kingdom Economy eBook - Dr. Cecilia Jackson

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