Help! My Child Doesn’t Look Like Me eBook by Dr. Cecilia Jackson


Adoptive Parents: Bridging Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Differences.

Scripture taken from The Holy Bible, King James Version, Public Domain.


Chapter 1 - Navigating Through the Language: Race, Ethnicity & Culture
Chapter 2 - Identity Development
Chapter 3 - Ethnic and Cultural Assimilation into a Family
Chapter 4 - Challenges for the Multi-racial, Multi-ethnic, Multi-cultural Family
Chapter 5 - Comprehending Family Dynamics
Chapter 6 - Effective Strategies for Improving Family Dynamics
Chapter 7 - Quick Questions and Capsule Answers that Help
Chapter 8 - Simple Things that Build Unity in Families and Communities
Chapter 9 - Parenting the Adopted, International Adolescent
Chapter 10 - The Adopted International Adolescent: Who’s in Charge?
Chapter 11 - The International Adolescent: Connecting with the Past
Chapter 12 - Cultural & Ethno-linguistics in the International Adoptive Family
Chapter 13 - An Adoption Success Story
Chapter 14 - Personal SURVEY for Transracially Adoptive Parents
Chapter 15 - Conclusion


There is Much More Information in this eBook for Sure :) 

Help! My Child Doesn’t Look Like Me eBook - Dr. Cecilia Jackson

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