Hannah eBook by Dr. Cecilia Jackson


Hannah - Shut Up Peninnah ‘Cause I’m Giving Birth!


Hannah is a book that teaches the importance and authority of believers to defeat the voice of the accuser when he comes to rob them of dreams, goals, desires, and the hope of a lively future by stamping “barren” on their spiritual womb. After reading Hannah, readers will arise with resolution, bravery, fresh revelation, and a renewed surge of determination that will shift their trials to triumphs.


  • Chapter 1: Hannah – Barrenness 
  • Chapter 2: Shiloh – A Painful Journey 
  • Chapter 3: Shiloh – The Church in History 
  • Chapter 4: Shiloh – The Drama 
  • Chapter 5: Weapons Triumphing Over Peninnah 
  • Chapter 6: Shiloh – Let us Go Into the House of The Lord 
  • Chapter 7: Intercession – Prayer and Worship Unharnessed 
  • Chapter 8: Go in Peace – Petition Granted 
  • Chapter 9: Hannah – Sing Your Song
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion


There is Much More Information in this eBook for Sure :) 

Hannah eBook - Dr. Cecilia Jackson

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