About us

Dr. Cecilia Jarmon Davis-Jackson is a retired English and philosophy teacher.  She has a Master’s Degree in Education, a Master’s in Clinical Counseling, and a Doctorate in Divinity; has over 40 years of experience in ministry and education and holds various licenses and certificates.  Cecilia is an author of 34 professional publications, an inspirational speaker, a Biblical educational consultant, a curriculum developer, an intercontinental leader of Kingdom International Nations for Christ, a former delegate for the cause of women at the United Nations, NYC., USA, and the Co-Founder and Associate Provost of “I AM” College of Ministries with her husband for 40 years, Dr. Michael Jackson.


Additionally, Cecilia is currently an adjunct professor at a college in Kentucky, USA; founder of the ministries Reaching Women and Children for the Nations, Christian Community Outreach Inc., and Seasoned Anointed Oil; a member of the National Council for Negro Women; and functions as an experienced leader in the Kingdom of God. Her passion is apostolical and prophetically imparting foundational and progressive doctrine with revelation and unapologetic, uninhibited worship. Cecilia is ordained and commissioned as a contemporary apostle. Dr. Jackson’s God-given anointing influences and shifts the atmosphere in local and global audiences of cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity and impacts cross-generational gatherings. Her favorite adage is, “God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary exploits for His Glory”. 

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In 1978, the Lord spoke to Dr. Michael Jackson through a presbytery team and stated that He had writing and artistic abilities in his hands and an anointing that would turn men’s hearts to the Father. Michael has since dedicated his life to manifesting Godly character, standards, and the absolute power of God. He is the author of 13 publications. In 2007, he retired from the City of Cincinnati where he spent 30 years working in the Community Development and Law Departments.


He has served in the body of Christ for over 40 years preaching and teaching God’s Word. He has earned a Bachelor’s degrees in Urban Planning, Master of Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity degrees. He creatively ministers the Word under an apostolic- prophetic-teacher mantle. Serves on an international apostolic team in several nations of Africa and is an International Elder of KINOC (Kingdom International Nations of Christ). He’s the Co-Founder and Provost of The “I AM” College of Ministry (along with his wife of 40 years, Dr. Cecilia Jackson), and they have pastored “I AM” Fellowship Ministries for over 16 years and have now advanced forward with a divine mandate to focus as a national and international people-oriented ministry called to the task of equipping and mentoring Christian leaders with strategic Kingdom doctrine and principles.

This call involves a commitment to plant, restructure churches, leadership, and itinerate ministries in strategic cities and communities serving diverse cultures and socio-economic populations throughout the world.